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:: Cis Male :: INFP :: Pansexual Demi-sexual/Complicated Asexual :: ♋/馬 :: Wisconsin ::
I have a lot of projects in the works. The vast majority of them are connected to my main novel series in some form or another. I want to start becoming more active here on Deviantart, so I'm going to start posting more snippets, one-ofs, world building information, and short stories here. I've also been buying commissions that I'm going to start posting here as well, most in conjunction with the other information.

Either way, here's my current project list. I'm posting it primarily for fun, and organizational purposes.

Main Novel Series
Follows the adventures of Kadence, Forza, and the rest of the gang as they make their way through the trials and tribulations of a world on the brink.
Progress: Classified. <3

"By Your Side"
This is primarily a project I'm doing for fun and as a writing exercise. Originally it was planned to be a comic series that fell through. It is a story that follows the kitsune Nyra, the coatl Ichiya, the letoni Corrleone, and the carbuncle Janivi as they travel across a world still adjusting to the changes wrought by the events of my main novel series, trying to discover themselves.
Progress: Commissions complete, writing early drafts.

"All Things Withered"
Another casual project of mine, All Things Withered is a play I'm writing. It is meant to be a famous kitsune play that details the events leading to the first Lady -- Adriel. It begins with the ultimate genocide of the Nameless Race, and goes on tell of the inevitable exile of the carbuncle's nether kiths as they flee the kitsune hoards, the accompanying retreat of the majority of coatl from their homelands, and the ultimate sacrifice one coatl leader makes to eradicate the kitsune menace. Adriel achieves much throughout the story, destroying what's left of the other kitsune warlords to assume total control of her race just as the sundering of their chaotic god takes place. All this madness accompanied with a tragic subplot of two lovers caught in the middle of it all.
Progress: Pre-planning.

"The Heralds of Eventide"
Hooray, more casual projects. Originally an RPG campaign set in my world I started with my friends as a way to flesh out my carbuncle species, The Heralds of Eventide is being adapted into another story I'm working on. This story takes place around the same time as the beginning of my main novel series. It stars Kalliper of the radiance kith, Su'Ki of the crystal kith, and Vasuma of the magma kith as they get wrapped up in an event that will go down in history -- the return of the nether kiths from their exile in the Afterglow, the planar veil that surrounds the Summerlands (an event that's detailed in All Things Withered).
Progress: Converting early RPG plans to a full plot.

"Fauna of Mirrors"
A personal pixel text story. It follows the story of the Stupid Fox as he makes his way through his hopeless life, stumbling through one disaster after another, leaving behind a trail of ruin and woe.
Progress: Slow, but happening.

Teen Tita-- 'Raxias"
Following in the tradition of my stories of young friends facing trials and hardships both external and internal only to come out stronger and closer together than ever in the end (like, most of my stories. I wonder what my therapist will say about that. Hah. Hah. Haaaaaaahhhhh...), this is the most casual of the lot. The youngest unofficial team of the Ataraxia, lead by Lareau's younger brother Rhemi, along with his best friend Kyan, and some new faces -- the chiropti Nikita, the zheng Jhaaz, the cat-sith Njuli, the raiju Quione, the boearn Venarok, and the saphe Cierco.
Progress: Pre-planning.

"Stars in their Darkest Hour"
Stars in their Darkest Hour is a collection of short stories that each tell the story of how every member of the Ataraxia was asked to join.
Progress: Several in editing.

I have to finish the maps of each of the continents.
Progress: Several outlines done and posted. Lots more to do.

I want to go into detail the gods, religion, and mythology of the kitsune and the carbuncle in particular. I'll likely do several other important races as well in time.
Progress: I've got gods to name. I hate names. I hate them oh so much.

I want to get every member of the Ataraxia drawn. Ho-hoooooooo boy, that'll be a whole thing.
Progress: I've got like pictures of quite a few, actually, and I'll start posting them.

I'm going to have an entire language for the kitsune done up. Klingon style. Elvish style. Dothraki style. Hell yeah.
Progress: Alphabet almost complete, working on grammar/syntax.


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