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The Carbuncle by Monue
The Carbuncle
The Carbuncle are a race I am currently working on for my as-yet-unnamed story. Though they were not designed with any particular real world equivalent in mind, it would appear the race shares characteristics of canines, felines, and equines.
In Mythology the Carbuncle are a species of creature mentioned in various texts from Latin America, most often characterized as having a gem somewhere on its body, such as the head. Not a whole lot is known about the species beyond this, though there are other details. My Carbuncle have their gemstones located just above the small of their backs, as well as on each palm. Their gems come in many shapes and are colored corresponding to whichever elemental Kith an individual might happen to be a part of.

The Kiths are primarily divided by the five common basic elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Wood, as well as Aether. More Kiths are included by the elements representing the fusion of these primary elements; Steam, Magma, Plasma, Ash, Radiance, Clay, Cloud, Sap, Elixir, Sand, Petrification, Crystal, Pollen, Pressure, and Feral.

A number of these Kiths sound a bit out of place or confusing, and I will explain the details of each of them, as well as more details about the Carbuncle as a whole at a later date.

Suffice it to say they're pretty cool.

Above are pictured two Carbuncle by the names of Sha'dii and Cisep.

Sha'dii is a one of the military leaders of the Fire Kith, and has a tough, determined personality.

Cisep is a member of the Pollen Kith and caught the eye of the main character of my story, Kadence Riders, who offered to allow Cisep and his brothers (Jera'gashin and Korda) to join the Ataraxia. He's shown himself to be a calm and diligent individual while maintaining a strong familial bond with his brothers, to the point of being a little overprotective when a situation calls for it.

I have been working quite a bit both on my own, as well as with my closest friends through discussion and roleplay on my story, the setting, the races, and the Ataraxia as a group, among other such things. Over the years I've come to grips with the fact that my life had and will continue to change drastically, and with it so too shall my story evolve. Some things will never change, some things will be altered, and some things will be deleted. Such is life.

The Ataraxia was one of my largest overhauls, and one of the most daunting and painful for me to go through. I was scared of it, so much so I nearly destroyed my entire story just so I wouldn't have to think about it. Any of it. But no.

Through perseverance and acceptance of the fact that this story is above all an extension of who I am, and the most important thing to me in all the world, I have, with my friends help, managed to begin and continue the process of changing it. Making it mine again. Breathing new life into it and seeking newer, better stories and characters.

Not only do I have my Kitsune race, but I have put extensive work into one of my newer races, the Carbuncle as well. Not to mention the Revontulet, the Ixtanari, and many others alongside ones I invented years ago; The Khizan, the Dergeshin, Tigro Tera, Okalai, Saktet, Jekshini, Inkajba, Saephe... Soon, I will post an updated race list with all my new and changed races. There are many. I have made them my own, and I'm quite proud of the work I've done.

For now, though, I am going to post the updated roster of the Ataraxia. Kadence has outdone himself this time with the people he has recruited to his cause; more than ever before. What once were teams of seven are now teams of eight, and there are nearly six new ones, with the previous ones receiving overhauls and re-imaginings for many of the characters. There are some homages, still, to the past.

Further details on the Atraxia and their structure and goals, as well as their members, I'll get into later. For now, the roster (and their races) include...

1: Kadence (Kitsune), Forza (Kitsune), Wing (Vampire), Sarai (Wiccan), Aislin (Wiccan), Narco (Elf), Alexandria (Human), Akayar (Inkabja).

2: Lareau (Carbuncle), Aquella (Wiccan), Everra (Kitsune), Venier (Neko), Luka (Kitsune), Imaya (Morinian), Aolynn (Human), Baklava (Saktet).

3: Requa (Kirin), Kidai (Kirin/Kitsune), Cariss (Elf), Miraj (Kitsune), Sevl (Basilisk), Riza (Halfling), Jhtaia (Selkie) Tolka (Zerda).

4: Lianne (Kitsune), Fell (Ookami), Calaith (Saephe), Skamar (Myrmidon), Tarin (Kitsune), Urora (Kitsune), Elette (Blood Neko), Ekodi (Morinian).

5: Nemik (Khizan), Anza (Kumiho), Zakir (Encantado), Gathrien (Lepke/Indred), Ntai (Centaur), Chsilie (Evolo), Uantu (Linnormi), Deshela (Dwarf).

6: Castonon (Tigro Tera), Drali (Human), Meilah (Khizan), Gora (Orc), Ku Hua (Ryujin), Jatiff (Saephe), Thyss (Goblin), Alita (Redvarr).

7: Keahi (Human), Lomalai (Usagi), Lanys (Adlet), Su'Caldan (Drow), Agren (Orc), Beltha (Karkadann), Wdeka (Naga), Nills (Shadhavar).

8: El-Ma'at (Sphinx), Nikita (Tamadeen), Caora (Usagi), Sel'Drada (Carbuncle), Levakni (Drider), Hon Gui (Ryujin), Siifa (Hegoia), Viveci (Kumiho).

9: Eocene (Okalai), Naysir (Okalai), Petilli (Featherfolk), Goede (Teropheed), Duvani (Gargoyle), Yelean (Vanara), Leliwin (Dryad), Tuvan (Kopoe).

10: Mursylia (Saephe), Karina (Jekshini), Nythe (Dergeshin), Deinel (Kirin), Hallin (Alde), Peyori (Cloud Hopper), Enyoka (Minotaur), Eraline (Hashivir).

11: Jalur (Tisena/Human), Roth (Cockatrice), Evanthe (Kitsune), Keenai (Kirin), Kolore (Kitsune), Alajhar (Dergeshin), Lalin (Urien), Naveux (Blood Neko).

12: Sirica (Indrid), Iio (Neko), Usanok (Kabutsune), Aneari (Strigidae), Ezmeri (Dhjar), Carthis (Okalai), Erain (Dergeshin), Akiva (Azebani).

13: Seijo (Sitama) Leilani (Unicorn), Chrysaora (Alayn Tawv), Nereus (Ika-Roa), Airis (Neko), Rashida (Khepkara), Zahara (Shadhavar), Winter (Human).

14: Elvain (Kitsune), Kise (Marōn), Lek-Ti (Saktet), Mitra (Satyani), Nüla (Zhizeek), Fionne (Evolo), Min (Trimula), Kipcha (Ixtanari).

15: Cyprien (Uncia), Bakar (Chiropti), Reira (Ayasha), Irynae (Carbuncle), Wearr (Draconian), Dartanian (Elf), Euski (Tigro Tera), Picato (Kopoe).

16: Cicep (Carbuncle), Veque (Alayn Tawv), Zeeva (Null), Nevee (Ilivir), Jera'Gashin (Carbuncle), Kalvo (Kitsune), Kaweah (Acyon), Korda (Carbuncle).


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